Register to Vote

You've probably seen stories about changes in election laws, purged voter lists and other efforts to make it harder for Floridians to vote. The stakes are high and now, more than ever, it’s important to be be prepared.

We want to make sure you are ready to go.

Take a moment right now to make sure you are on the voter file.

Since we launched our "TurnOut With Pride" program, Equality Florida voters have consistently gone to the polls at a rate dramatically higher than the average voter.

Now it is time to gear up once again to turnout the pro-equality vote.

Register to Vote or Change Your Address

October 9 is the final day to register to vote. Are you registered? Have you moved since the last election and need to update your address? You can update your information online or over the phone in just a few minutes. Click here to register or update your voter information.

Sign Up to Vote By Mail
Voting by mail ensures you vote on YOUR schedule. By signing up to vote by mail, your county's Supervisor of Elections will send a ballot directly to you, fill it out and simply return it in the mail. The 2018 ballot will have lots of races and amendments on it - voting by mail means you can take the time to read the ballot in full and return it on your time. Click here to find your county Supervisor of Election and sign up to vote by mail.

Please take a few moments today to make sure you are registered and that your voice will be heard.

Your Vote is Your Voice – Use It.